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Advanced Body Composition Analyzer with Multi-Version Language, For Example, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, etc. New Style from 2022, Market Feedback Super Well! Popular in Fitness Centers, Beauty Centers, and Nutrition Centers!

body composition Analyzer

K-Care Body Composition Analyzer to Improve Your Business

  • Whole Series Product Passed CE0120.
  • Adopt High Precision Weight Sensor, Each Body Composition Analyzer reaches 99% Exactly!
  • Rich Functions to Satisfy Your Various Demand
  • Adapt ABS Material with Aviation Aluminum as Main Body Material, evenly no After-Sales Problems, Save Energy and Time for Your Business.

Strong Production Capabilities

  • The Factory Has Its Own Mold Center, We Can Develop the Hardware for You High Efficient.
  • 20000 Units of Body Composition Analyzer Production Capability and Enough Stock in The Warehouse, We Can Deliver Goods Quickly.
  • K-Care Medical Has a Fluent OEM/ODM Process and Service to Produce Your Body Composition Analyzer Basic Our Professional Appearance Designers, Inter Structure Designers, and Software Designers Team.
  • K-Care Core Team Dedicated to the Medical Field for More Than 10 Years, We Can Provide One-stop Solution Service with Competitive Price.
body composition analyzer
Body Composition Analyzer

This Is the Newest Body Composition Analyzer, There Are Foldable and Unfolded Styles for Your Choice. With the Exactly Weight Sensor, Provide Voice Broadcast/Review /Printing Functions, Test BMI/Height/Weight/Body Water/Muscle/Body Bone/Calories Ect. for User.

body composition analyzer

This Is the Classical Body Composition Analyzer of the Whole Series, We Have Exported More Than 16 Thousand Units in Passed 5 years. After Updating the Design, It Is More Fashion and Intelligent. We Add Many Functions According to Market Demand. Check More Details Now!


K-H07 height scale

This Body Composition Analyzer is Special For Children, with The HD LCD Display, Voice Broadcast Function, Printer, Colorful Painting, Measure Body Fat /Water/Muscle/Bones/ Calories/BMI/Height/Weight, K-HB01 Body Composition Analyzer Is Widely Used in School, Clinic, Medical Center Ect.

K-FM280 Body Composition Analyzer

K-FM280 adopts BIA technology and segmental multifrequency biologic resistance method, with 8 electrode sheets, taking a quick and exact test for body composition measurement. This body composition analyzer operates with one-click connections with the printer, easy to print the test report clearly and quickly!

K-FM280H body composition analyzer

K-FM280H body composition analyzer machine is popularly used in Fitness Centers, hospitals, beauty centers, Nutrition Centers even some high-end hotels! with a big touch screen,  muti-version language software, and more than 40 measurement results. Easy to connect with your printer by WIFI or bluetooth, this model body composition analyzer is easy and friendly to use!

K-H05 Body Composition Anlyzer

The K-H05 body composition analyzer adopts BIA technology, with a thermal printer, voice broadcast function, more than 10 measurement data parameters, and an elegant design, this machine is widely used in fitness centers, aesthetic centers, and medical examination centers.


body composition analyzer

K-Care Body Composition Analyzer to Improve Your Business

K-Care medical core team dedicated to the medical field for more than 10 years, the body composition analyzer is widely used in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, and sports medical field.

Our R&D team provides the body composition analyzer design and development from appearance design, and internal structure design to software design as your request. Once confirm the design schedule, K-Care medical team provides drawings to you in 7 workdays. If you need to develop the mold for the body composition analyzer, we can provide rich planners to reference basic our current public mold, saving time and development costs for you.

Our cooperation factory has excellent production capability, generally, we can produce 20000 units of body composition analyzer each month. K-Care medical team not only provides the body composition analyzer but also provides a one-stop solution service according to your market demand. whether you are a hospital or distributor, we always provide smooth service for you, so improve your business efficiency!


Step One: R&D Planning Stage

Confirm body composition analyzer custom demand and development plans with customers, and determine development time and development costs.

Step Two: Design, Sample, Trial Production, and Finalization Stage.

According to customer needs and our body composition analyzer development experience, and design drawings, it is generally about 7 working days, after confirming the designs, we will make the sample and express it to you.

Step Three: Production Preparation Stage.

After confirming the body composition analyzer sample, we will purchase the mass production raw material and do the incoming inspection.

Step Four: Mass Production Stage.

Produce body composition analyzer according to the mass production process and CE/FDA standards.







Step One: Production Preparation 

Make body composition analyzer production plans, purchase raw materials, and QC inspect all incoming materials.

Step Two: Product In-Production Stage

According to the production process produce the body composition analyzer and complete production in time.

Step Three: Quality Inspection Stage

Quality inspection by sampling or full inspection with professional test equipment.

Step Four: Packing Stage

we can customize the body composition analyzer package to your demand.

More FAQs You May Want to Know

Q: Which Language Does the FM280 Body Composition Analyzer Machine Support?

A: This series Body Composition Analyzer Can Support English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Arabic, we will update more language versions later.

Q: Which places are your body composition analyzer machines sold?

A: At present, most end-users from fitness centers,

Q: How Does the Body Composition Analyzer Work?

A: K-Care Body Composition analyzer uses bioelectrical impedance analysis technology, By following the electrical impulses in your body and discovering where the most opposition is, BIA is able to determine an estimate of your water weight, muscle mass, visceral fat, and more.

Q: How Accurate is Your Body Composition Analyzer?

A: According to human clinical studies, most body composition analyzer is within a 1% accuracy of medical-grade scans, such as Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). we are sure all of our Products are accurate in this range.

Q: Which Style Should I Choose Among Them?

A: Different style has different market position, for example, the K-FM280 and K-HP08 body composition analyzers are more expensive, but there are much more analysis data than the K-H08, K-H01, and K-H07.

Q: How Many Contact Electrodes are in Your Body Composition Analyzer?

A: That depends on the model, some models have 4 electrodes, and some models have 8 electrodes.

Q: What Data Can I Measure with Your Body Composition Analyzer?

A: You can get many analyzed data with our body composition analyzer, for example, weight, height, body fat mass, body age, BMI, segmental muscle mass, and so on. Some models can measure more than 40 parameters, so the doctors give more scientific suggestions.

Q: Can You Print the Logo on The Product?

A: Yes, You Can! Different Style Body Composition Analyzer has different MOQ requests for printing the logo, Please check more details with us, send an email, or just send a WhatsApp message to us!

Q: Can You Customize the Body Composition Analyzer to Our Demand?

A: Yes, please kindly communicate all details with our technical team, they will give your ideas as you need. Once confirm the project, we will OEM/ODM the body composition analyzer as scheduled.







Let's See How Did These Body Composition Analyzers Work?
Which Kinds of Payment Terms You Can Accept?

Q: What Kind of Payment Terms Can You Acceptable for the Order?

A: The most frequent payment term is wire transfer by TT before shipment. for your convenience, the small amount order can accept PayPal and West Union.



May I know Your After-Sales Terms?

Q: What is Your Warranty Term?

A: We provide 12 months warranty for a body composition analyzer for free. Considering some government tender projects, we can extend the warranty time with paid after-sales service.

What is Your Package?

Q: What is Your Package for Each Unit Body Composition Analyzer?

A: Generally, we use this kind of package as below pictures, it is no problem even with long-term transportation. we did the drop test for this package.



Can You Help Me Arrange the Shipment?

Q: Can You Arrange Shipment for Me on Your Side?

A:  Yes, we can provide the shipment service as your request, we cooperated with many shipment agents.

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