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Durable, Water-free, Non-Woven Fabric Electrode Pad Which Passed CE, 510K to Support Your Business!

electrode pad supplier

Different Size Electrode Pads Match Your Demand

  1. K-Care Electrode Pad Is Durable, Each Pad Can Be Reused  30~60 Times.
  2. Non-Woven Material Is air Breath for Skin, No Redness or Swelling after Prolonged Treatment.
  3. Good Quality Gel for Your Choice, Good Adhesion Even Some People are Sweating during Treatment, The Electrode Pad Still Has Good Conductive and Clinic Effect.
  4. More Thank 20 Different Size Electrode Pads for Different Application.
  5. Passed CE, FDA, 510K, Professional Electrode Pad for Physiotherapy.

Electrode Pads Manufacturing Capability

Professional electrode pads bring a better user experience for customers, K-Care Medical always takes this point as the most important thing for their distributors.

There are different types of electrode pads for you to choose from depending on different materials, such as American gel, Japanese gel, and Chinese gel, and so on.

We have 6 electrode pad production lines to produce more than 20 million pieces of electrode pads every year. with a strict QC procedure, our electrode pads passed CE/ 510K certification. We provide OEM service with Low MOQ requirements if you are a professional rehabilitation and physiotherapy distributor.



5x10cm electrode pad supplier
electrode pads supplier

Different Types of High Quality Electrode Pads to Enlarge Your Business

There are various types of electrode pads for your choice of this series. we choose the most professional electrode pad manufacturers in China. You can find any type of electrode pad for your physiotherapy machine.

we provide 20 million pieces of electrode pads each year to match your physiotherapy machine. K-Care Medical team assures the quality with the best price for you. We accept the OEM service including designing the logo for you on the electrode pads, size, packing, and so on.

K-Care medical core team dedicated to the physiotherapy field for more than 10 years, basic different types of electrode pads clinic feedback, and trial experience, we always provide the most cost-effective electrode pads for you.




Step One: Sample Confirm Stage 

There are many sizes of electrode pads for your different demands, You can customize any size as your need, after checking with our product specialist, we will prepare the sample for you according to the size and material.

Step Two: Prepare Electrode Pads Material

There are different glue that can be chosen as the different quality requirements, but all electrode pads adopt non-woven fabric. All the material will be under the inspection of QC.

Step Three: Electrode Pads Mass Production Stage

According to the production process produce the electrode pads and complete production in time.

Step Four:  Quality Inspection Stage

Quality inspection by sampling or full inspection with professional test equipment.

Step Five: TENS Unit Packing 

we can customize the electrode pads package to your demand.



Electrode Pads Questions From Different Distributors:

Q: Hospital feedback My previous electrode pads’ quality is not good, but I tried many electrode pads, and it seems the quality is similar, Why?

A: As a professional electrode pad supplier, I can tell you in the market that there are different quality electrode pads: From the material Origin, you can choose Chinse glue, American glue, and Japanese glue. Different glue uses different formulas, and even the same brand, different formulas, the user experience is different.

Q: What is the difference between the above 3 types of electrode pads?

A: Usually Chinese electrode pads are competitive, and the quality is similar to Japanese glue pads; the Japanese glue pads are priced a little higher; they can be used around 20-30 times, and the American glue pads’ quality is better than other 2 type electrode pads also the price is highest, usually can be used 30-60 times. K-Care Medical can provide more details and advice to you according to your market demands.

Q: Can you supply American glue electrode pads?

A: Yes, we sold American gel electrode pads to some of our professional physiotherapy distributors. They usually sell to big rehabilitation clinics in their local, and the market feedback is always very good!

Q: Can you provide some electrode pad samples to us?

A: Sure, we can provide free samples.

Q: What certification do you have of the electrode pads?

A: At present, our factory has CE and 510k certifications.







More Electrode Pads Questions You May Want to Know

Q: May I know Your Electrode Pads Advantage?

A: Sure, thanks, generally speaking, there are 3 features of our electrode pads:

  • We adopt the breathable non-woven fabric back, it is friendly for your skin even long time sticking.
  • There are 3 types of Gule that can be chosen for you.
  • 2.0 wire connection pin compatible with most physiotherapy units.

Q: How Many Times of Your Electrode Pads Can be Use?

A: That depends on the electrode pads glue, we use Chinese glue if you haven’t special request, that can be used 30-50 times basic different skin conditions. If you have more requests, please kindly check the details with us now!

Q: How About the Conductivity of Your Electrode Pads?

A: The conductivity and treatment experience are the most important points of the electrode pads, from market user feedback, they think our electrode pads’ treatment stimulation experience is obviously, comfortable during treatment and no skin red even the long time of using.

Q: Can Your Electrode Pads be Washed Under Water?

A: We have done the waterproof test for our electrode pads, it becomes soft but comes back sticking in 1 minute. It is can be washed but we still suggest you not wash the electrode pads, because if your skin is clean and no sweat, you can reuse more times of the electrode pads.

Q: Do You Only Have 9 Styles Electrode Above?

A: Above 9 styles of electrode pads is the most frequent use size, we can customize any size of electrode pads as your demand, the MOQ request is a little higher than the ordinary style.

Q: May I print the Logo or Customize the Packing for My Electrode pads?

A: Yes, we provide OEM service for electrode pads, you can print your logo on the woven side of the electrode pads. Generally, we provide neutral packaging for electrode pads, also we can customize packing as your request too.

Video demo

What should we do before applying the electrode pads?


How to replace the electrode pads on the body? (different types of electrode pads application video)

OEM Question You may Want to Know

Q: Can You OEM Electrode Pads for Us?

A: Sure, on one side we can print the logo for you on electrode pads and package, most; on another side, you can choose different material glue for electrode pads, there are Chinese glue, Amerian glue, and Japanese glue for your choice.


Which Payment Term Can You Accept?

Q: May I Know Your Payment Term for Electrode Pads?

A: Usually most of the clients transfer electrode pads payment to us 100% TT before shipment, sometimes for convenience, we accept small amounts by PayPal. Please kindly check more details with us by email now!




Can You Provide Shipment Assistant for Us?

Q: Can You Provide the Shipment Assistant for Us?

A: Sure, we can handle the shipment for your electrode pad order as your need.


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