Body Composition Analyzer
Impedance Accuracy Segmental BIA Technology Body Composition Analyzer Which Welcomed in High-end Fitness and Aesthetic Centers
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(1)
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(2)
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(3)
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(5)
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(1)
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(2)
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(3)
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(5)

High-end Body Composition Analyzer: K-FM280 Model

K-FM280 body composition analyzer is also called Segmental Body Composition Analyzer. It is usually welcomed in high-end beauty and fitness centers.

K-FM280 adopts BIA technology and segmental multifrequency biologic resistance method, with 8 electrode sheets, take a quick and exact test for body composition measurement. This body composition analyzer operates with one-click connections with the printer, easy to print the test report clearly and quickly!

  • 8 contact electrodes, multifrequency biologic resistance method, accuracy more than 99%.
  • Adopt direct measurement with big data analysis, and support the Fitmao fitness management system and cloud service.
  • More than 40 professional measurement data for your body, one click connect with the printer.
  • Body composition phase change curve data to help you manage your health.
  • You can create Personal health files on the K-FM280 body composition analyzer.
  • 10-inch IPS touch screen, easy to operate.

body composition analyzer(1)

body composition analyzer(2)

body composition analyzer(3)

body composition analyzer(4)

body composition analyzer(5)

body composition analyzer(6)

body composition analyzer(7)

body composition analyzer(9)

body composition analyzer(10)

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body composition analyzer(12)



FM-280 is the advanced and newest body composition analyzer, K-Care medical provides the one-stop solution service for you with Low MOQ requirements, it is very popular in high-end fitness centers and beauty centers.



Basic our R&D and production capability, we can provide the FM-280 body composition analyzer with high efficacy.

More Body Composition Analyzer Questions You May Interesting

Q: What is the MOQ Requirement of the FM-280 Body Composition Analyzer?

A: The MOQ is 1 Unit.

Q: If I Don’t Want the Face Recognition Function, Do You Have Other Solution?

A: Sure, we can cancel the face recognition function on the software, and create a swipe card function.

Q: Can I Connect with My Printer to Print The Measurement Report?

A: Yes, there is a wireless built-in printing program in the body composition analyzer, it can connect with most printers in the market, and you can use A4 paper to print the report. so it is very cost-effective.

Q: What Certification Do You Have for the FM280 Body Composition Analyzer?

A: There is CE certification by now, we are pending ROHS and REACH certification at present.

Q: Can You Provide OEM/ODM for the FM280 Body Composition Analyzer?

A: Sure, We welcome OEM/ODM orders, we can provide the one-stop solution service for you from design to bulking production.

Q: What is your warranty time?

A: we can provide a 2-year warranty for the FM-280 and FM-280H body composition analyzer depending on your demand.

Q: How to Install the body composition analyzer?

A: It is easy, we will send a video for your reference, and you can install it soon once you check the video.

Q: If there are any issues, how do you solve them?

A: we can help you with software issues online basic our strong background in software, even hardware, our engineer will help you to do check the problem and then send the right parts to replace it. For more details please kindly consult our sales team.






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