Body Composition Analyzer
Impedance Accuracy Segmental BIA Technology Body Composition Analyzer Which Welcomed in High-end Fitness and Aesthetic Centers
  • 280H body composition analyzer
  • K-FM280H body composition analyzer
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(3)
  • body composition analyzer
  • 280H body composition analyzer
  • K-FM280H body composition analyzer
  • FM280 body composition analyzer(3)
  • body composition analyzer

Impedance BIA Body Composition Analyzer: K-FM280H Model

FM-280H body composition analyzer adopts BIA technology and segmental multifrequency bioelectrical impedance measurement technology, FM-280H body composition analyzer machine is popularly used in nutrition centers, rehabilitation clinics, fitness centers, and aesthetic centers.

K-FM280H body composition analyzer machine has a beautiful design, accurate measurement, IC card and face recognition membership function, advanced software to track personal health records, and strong background service. With multi-frequency direct current measurement, the FM-280H body composition analyzer can measure the human body of five cylinders: left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg, and torso.


  • With more than 40 human health data, you can print the professional-grade body composition analysis report.
  • Adopt direct measurement with big data analysis, with a strong background management system and cloud service, the FM-280H body composition analyzer is super intelligent.
  • 10-inch IPS touch screen, easy to operate.
  • Generate curve data to help you record your healthy change.
  • Support most printers on the market, built-in wireless printing program,one-click print out the measurement result.

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FM-280 is the advanced and newest body composition analyzer, K-Care medical provides the one-stop solution service for you with Low MOQ requirements, it is very popular in high-end fitness centers and beauty centers.



Basic our R&D and production capability, we can provide the FM-280 body composition analyzer with high efficacy.

More Body Composition Analyzer Questions You May Want to Know

Q: Can I connect to the computer?

A: Yes,  you can output the data from the body composition analyzer to your computer.

Q: Can I save results to compare the progression of my clients?

A: Yes, sure. there is a tracking function to help you check the healthy progression of your clients.

body composition analyzer

Q: How about the accuracy of the FM-280H body composition analyzer machine?

A: FM-280H accuracy performance is perfect on the market, you can compare it with famous brands with similar style body composition analyzers.

Q: Can the FM-280H body composition analyzer machine generate the report for my clients?

A: Yes, it can generate the report with more than 40 measurement data, you can check the details easily.

Q: Can I Use My Language?

A: Yes, there are English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, and Russian language versions of the FM-280H body composition analyzer. we can add more language versions as you need.

Q: Which Kind of Shipment Can You Support?

A: we can support Sea freight, Air freight, and Express, usually we send samples by express or air freight and bulk orders for sea freight.

Q: What About the Guarantee?

A: Usually we provide 1-2 years for your choice, we will help you install and use the machine after you receive the FM-280H body composition analyzer.

Q: What Is The Delivery Time?

A: For the Sample Machine, we can deliver within 7 working days after receiving the payment. for regular orders, we will provide delivery time depending on the quantity.




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