Lymphatic Draginage Machine

Most Physiotherapist Favorite Lymphatic Drainage Machine

Professional Portable Lymphatic Drainage Machine Which Passed CE Certification, More Than 10 Treatment Model freedom to Choose.

Lymphatic Drainage Machine

Features and Advantages

  • There are various styles of lymphatic drainage machines in this series, Including 4-chambers, 6-chambers, 8-chambers, and 12-chambers lymphatic drainage machines, which satisfy most treatment scenarios for physiotherapists!
  • Whole series lymphatic drainage machine passed CE/FDA/510K certification, It is easy to apply for your local sales license from the MOH!
  • According to different application scenarios, you can choose digital, rechargeable, sports, or cosmetic lymphatic drainage machines as you need.
  • The lymphatic drainage machine with a variety of treatment modes, the physiotherapist can freely adjust the treatment mode according to the different treatment demands. Easy to operate, the working pressure can be adjustable from 20mmHg-250mmHg so that treats many indications.
  • There are different position sleeves for your choice, including DVT sleeves, arm sleeves, leg sleeves, lumbar sleeves, calf sleeves, foot sleeves, and so on. At the same time, you can customize different size sleeves depending on your needs too.

Indication and Application

  • Indication: The lymphatic drainage machine is mainly used to temporarily relieve muscle tension, and increase blood circulation to fast recovery for the treatment position.
  • Application scenarios: The lymphatic drainage machine is mainly used for postoperative rehabilitation, postpartum rehabilitation, long-term fatigue relief, etc. in the hospital rehabilitation department or physical therapy clinic, eliminating fat, used to eliminate edema, and reducing cellulite in the professional beauty clinic.




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K-Care Lymphatic Drainage Machine to Improve Your Business

The lymphatic drainage machine is widely treated for many indications in the clinic, such as varicose veins, vasculopathy for physiotherapy, and DVT prevention after the operation. Also, it is widely used in sports medicine to improve blood circulation. Most cosmetic centers would like to use the lymphatic drainage machine to reduce calculation, scar repair, and so on.

With 5 production lines, K-Care medical can produce 10000 units of lymphatic drainage machines each month, we can provide outlook design, software design, and hardware design with mold development for your OEM/ODM project.

K-Care core team dedicated to the rehabilitation and physiotherapy field for more than 10 years, we always provide the best lymphatic drainage machine one-stop solution service for you as your need.



Step One: R&D Planning Stage

Confirm lymphatic drainage machine custom demand and development plans with customers, and determine development time and costs.

Step Two: Design, Sample, Trial Production, and Finalization Stage.

According to customer needs and our lymphatic drainage machine development experience, and design drawings, it is generally about 7 working days, after confirming the design, we will make the sample and express it to you.

Step Three: Production Preparation Stage.

After confirming the lymphatic drainage machine sample, we will purchase the mass production raw material and do the incoming inspection.

Step Four: Mass Production Stage.

Produce lymphatic drainage machine according to the mass production process and CE/FDA standards.

Step One: Production Preparation 

Make lymphatic drainage machine production plans, purchase raw materials, and QC inspect all incoming materials.

Step Two: In-Production Stage

According to the production process produce the lymphatic drainage machine and completed production in time.

Step Three: Quality Inspection Stage

Quality inspection by sampling or full inspection with professional test equipment.

Step Four: Packing Stage

we can customize the lymphatic drainage machine package to your demand.

More Product Questions You May Want to Know

Q: Can Your Lymphatic Drainage Machine be Used in Beauty Centers?

A: Yes, Sure. There are many treatment modes of our lymphatic drainage machine, some modes are specially used in beauty centers. It is useful for increasing skin elasticity, losing weight, body sling, and so on.

Except above function, K-Care lymphatic drainage machine is used for physiotherapy centers, sports centers, and hospitals.

 Q: How Many Hours Can Your Rechargeable Battery Lymphatic Drainage Machine be Used?

A: When the battery is fully charged, it can be used for about 6 hours.

Q: How Many Colors Can I Choose for the Sleeves?

A:  There are blue, black, and gray colors for your choice.

Q: How Many Kinds of the Connector Tube?

A: There are the one-to-one connector and the one-to-two connector Tube for the Lymphatic Drainage Machine.

Q: What Is Your Lymphatic Drainage Machine Advantage?

A: First, they are professional lymphatic drainage machines with CE certification.

Second, there are many different modes with various treatment programs.

Third, there are portable styles and rechargeable styles widely and conveniently in the clinic.




How to Use The Lymphatic Drainage Machine?

More OEM/ODM Question You May Want to Know

Q: Do You Provide OEM/ODM Service for the Lymphatic Drainage Machine?

A: Yes, we can provide OEM/ODM for your lymphatic drainage machine order, depending on different styles, the MOQ request is different, please kindly check more details with us by email soon!


Warranty Term You Concern About

Q: How Long Warranty Can You Supply for the Lymphatic Drainage Machine?

A: we can provide 12 month’s warranty for free.


Which Payment Term Can You Acceptable

Q: What Payment Term Can You Acceptable for the Lymphatic Drainage Machine Order?

A: Usually order payment term is 30% deposit before production, and 70% balance before shipment. For your convenience, we accept small orders by Paypal and West Union too.

Can You Arrange the Shipment for Us?

Q: Can You Arrange the Shipment for Us?

A: Yes, we provide the one-stop solution service for customers, including the shipment as your request.

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