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Competitive Price Tilt Tables for Rehabilitation Trainning

High-Quality Tilt Table for Adult and Children, Which Passed CE Certification with 3 Years Warranty Time

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Futures and Advantages

  • Adopts Medical Grade Motor with Contraction Wheel, the Tilt Table Always Works Silent.
  • Power Coating Mainly Steel Frame Makes the Tilt Table Strong and Durable.
  • High-density Sponge Makes User Experience Great, also It Is Durable in the Clinic.
  • With Low MOQ Requirements on the Trading Terms, You Can Begin the Business Without Pressure.


Application Scenarios

K-Care Tilt Table Is Used for Patients with Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, and Other Severe Cases to Do Standing Exercise During Recovery Training.
The Tilt Table Increases Circulation in the Upright Position, Increases the Drainage of Musculoskeletal, Muscle, and Increased Bone Density.
Improve Neurologic Including Stimulating the Sensory Receptors of the Soles of the Feet Joint Proprioceptors Muscle Spindles Semicircular Canals.
Increased Ventilation and Gravity Drain in Bronchioles.
K-Care Tilt Table Is Frequently Used in Physiotherapy Centers, Hospitals, and So On.

Tilt Table
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Cost-Effective Tilt Table to Rich Your Product Line

K-Care Medical Provides 2000 Units of Tilt Tables Each Month, We Have Enough Stock for Ordinary Orders, So You Can Always Get Products Quickly Even in Peakon Season.

We Provide the Tilt Table with The One-stop Solution Service as Your OEM/ODM Demands. Basic Our R&D capability, We Can Design the Logo for You and Adjustable Tilt Table Parameters as Your Need.

with 3 Years Warranty Time, We Can Provide Product Technical Video Training and Online After-Sales Support According to Your Need, You Will Never Worry About After-Sales Problems,  welcome to talk more details with us!

Step One: R&D Planning Stage

Confirm the tilt table custom demand and development plans with customers, and determine development time and costs.

Step Two: Design, Sample, Trial Production, and Finalization Stage.

According to customer needs and our tilt table development experience, K-Care medical design drawings at first, it is generally about 7 working days, after confirming the drawings, we will make the sample and express it to you.

Step Three: Production Preparation Stage.

After confirming the tilt table sample, we will purchase the mass production raw material and do the incoming inspection.

Step Four: Mass Production Stage.

Produce tilt table according to the mass production process and CE standards.

Step One: Production Preparation 

Make tilt table production plans, purchase raw materials, and QC inspect all incoming materials.

Step Two: In-Production Stage

According to the production process produce the tilt table and complete production in time.

Step Three: Quality Inspection Stage

Quality inspection by sampling or full inspection with professional test equipment.

Step Four: Packing Stage

we can customize the tilt table package to your demand.

More FAQ Questions You May Interesting

Q: How Many Models of Tilt Table Do You Have?

A: There is the Manual, Adult Electric, and Children Electric Tilt Table for Your Choose as Your Demand.

Q: What is Your Tilt Table Adjustable Angle of Headrest?

A: It is from 0°—90°.
Q: What is Your Tilt Table Adjustable Angle of Foot Rest?

A: It is from -10°—30°.

Q: What are the Advantages of Your Tilt Table?

A: First we use medical grade PU for the tilt table surface, it is waterproof, fireproof, oil, and mildew resistant.


Product Demonstration

Tilt Table Project One-stop Solution You May Interesting

Q: What Service Can You Provide If I Need to Install Tilt Table for Hospital?

A: We can design the space drawing, provide the install video and online support for you.

After-Sales Service Questions You May Interesting

Q: How Long Time Warranty Can You Provide for Us?

A: We Can Provide 3 Years Warranty for You. 



Trade Terms You May Want to Know

Q: What Payment Terms Can You Acceptable?

A: Usually we can accept TT 100% transfer payments before shipment. For small orders, PayPal, West Union, and Credit Card payments are acceptable.


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