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Effective Shoulder Wheel to Enlarge Your Product Range

Good Quality Shoulder Wheel Build and Restore Shoulder and Arm Range of Motion, Which Warranty 2 Years for You.

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K-Care Shoulder Wheel to Improve Your Business Range

The Shoulder Wheel is just such a mechanism – it allows patients to perform resistance exercises to improve their range of motion and relieve pain.

  1. K-Care shoulder wheel helps people to perform resistance exercises to improve range of motion and relieve pain in the shoulder.
  2. The shoulder wheel is fitted with a resistance mechanism at 360°.
  3. This shoulder wheel arc of motion is adjustable from 10° to 39°.
  4. Provide the immediate degree of revolution feedback after the user finishes the shoulder wheel training.
  5. K-Care shoulder wheel warranty 2 years, CE certification passed.

Application Scene

K-Sc01 shoulder wheel is mainly used to improve the range of motion of the shoulder & elbow joints and increase the muscle strength of the upper limbs.

K-Care shoulder wheel is constructed of a 37″-diameter steel tube wheel fitted with a resistance mechanism that revolves smoothly around a drum to provide a varied arc of motion from 10° to 39°. By setting the handle to a specific position, resistance is controlled from 0 to the maximum through a calibrated sensitive resistance mechanism. The Shoulder Wheel is mounted on 3 laminated hardwood boards to easily attach to the wall. The wheel can be adjusted up to a height of 26″ to fit all users.

K-Care shoulder wheel is widely used in the rehabilitation department of hospitals, clinics, gym centers, and so on.



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K-Care Shoulder Wheel to Enlarge Your Rehabilitation Product Line

Shoulder pain is an extremely common complaint among the general population, representing the fourth most frequent musculoskeletal problem reported by sufferers. Rehabilitation is the key to returning the shoulder to its original state, which is typically accomplished through simple exercises.

K-Care shoulder wheel is usually used in physiotherapy centers, and hospitals, it greatly improves the rehabilitation effect of shoulder exercises.

K-Care medical owns 2 shoulder wheel production lines, we can produce more than 3000 units of shoulder wheels every month, we always keep enough stock of this product, so that we can deliver the ordinary shoulder wheel order in 7 work days. We provide the shoulder wheel OEM/ODM service according to your demand basic our R&D capability, from product appearance design, and logo customization to the product package, we can follow your request.

We would like to talk more details if you have any more demands, contact us now!

Step One: R&D Planning Stage

Confirm the shoulder wheel custom demand and development plans with customers, and determine development time and development costs.

Step Two: Design, Sample, Trial Production, and Finalization Stage.

According to customer needs and our shoulder wheel development experience, K-Care medical design drawings at first, it is generally about 7 working days, after confirming the drawing, we will make the sample and express it to you.

Step Three: Production Preparation Stage.

After confirming the shoulder wheel sample, we will purchase the mass production raw material and do the incoming inspection.

Step Four: Mass Production Stage.

Produce shoulder wheel according to the mass production process and CE standards.

Step One: Production Preparation 

Make shoulder wheel production plans, purchase raw materials, and QC inspect all incoming materials.

Step Two: In-Production Stage

According to the production process produce the shoulder wheel and complete production in time.

Step Three: Quality Inspection Stage

Quality inspection by sampling or full inspection with professional test equipment.

Step Four: Packing Stage

we can customize the shoulder wheel package to your demand.

More FAQs Questions You May Interesting

Q: What is the Maximum Damping of Your Shoulder Wheel?

A: It is 1650N.

Q: What is the Function of the Shoulder Wheel?

A: The shoulder wheel is mainly used for improving the movement ability of the shoulder and elbow.

Q: What is Your Shoulder Wheel Loading Capacity?

A: It is 130Kg

Q: What is the Adjustable Angle of the Shoulder Wheel?

A: K-Care medical shoulder wheel adjustable angle is from 0°~90°.






Operation Demonstration

OEM Questions You may Want to Know

Q: Can You Provide OEM for Us?

A: Yes, we can provide one-stop solution OEM services for you, but most customers would like to print their Logo on the machine with low MOQ requirements.


After-Sales Service Questions You May Interesting

Q: How Long Time Warranty Can You Provide for Customers?

A: We Can Provide 2 Years Warranty for You.

Q: Can You Provide Any Technology Support for Us?

A: Yes, We Have R&D Department to Support Your Demand.

Trade Terms You May Interesting

Q: May I Know Your Trade Terms?

A: Usually we accept 100% TT transfer before shipment, for your convenience, we accept PayPal and West Union for small orders.

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