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Your Reliable Tens Unit Supplier with More Than 10 Years Manufacturing Experience. Whole Series Product Passed CE&FDA Certification, Support OEM&ODM Development for Your Project!

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Tens Machine Features

  1. As a professional Tens unit supplier, we have different types TENS machines: including tens machine for pain relief, TENS machine for muscle exercise, and TENS machine for muscle fatigue relief.
  2. There are flexible adjustable treatment modes, treatment position, treatment time, frequency, and intermittent time. The treatment wave includes TENS, EMS, RUSS, and IF. To be your professional TENS unit supplier, the function covers most tens functions in the market!
  3. The whole series of TENS units have passed CE/FDA certificates, which you can easy to sell in most application scenarios in your local.
  4. Elegant pocket design, high-quality ABS material,  easy to carry, saving time, and convenient!
  5. The frequency range can be adjustable from 0 to 199Hz, and treatment time can be adjustable from 5 min-90mins, with intermission time and continuous treatment time.
  6. As a professional TENS unit supplier, we select durable and conductive electrodes for professional-grade treatment effects and treatment feelings!

Tens Unit Supplier Capability

K-Care Medical team dedicated to the physiotherapy and rehabilitation field for more than 10 years, we have cooperated with more than hundreds of professional physiotherapy brands and physiotherapy distributors.

As your quality tens unit supplier, we can provide more than 10 styles of TENS machines for your choice. Basic our R&D team, we also provide OEM/ODM service for you. We provide appearance design and industrial design according to the different projects. There are some public back molds in our product series, which can save mold development costs for you. Besides, we provide software design and amend according to your need too.

As a high-efficiency tens unit supplier, we can provide ordinary TENS machines orders in one week, we supply more than 10000 unit tens machines every month even during the epidemic period. Under a strict QC system and standard production process, all of our TENS machines pass CE and FDA Certifications.

As a reliable tens unit supplier, K-Care Medical always tries to save more energy and time for you, we provide high-efficiency shipment service for you, more than a one-year after-sale warranty, TENS machine video performance, and online technical support as you need.

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There Are 3 Style TENS Machines in This Style. With TENS, EMS, RUSS, IF Waveform, and Adjustable Wide Range Parameters, This Series of TENS Machine Is Designed for Deeper Treatment, They are Favorited by Physiotherapists.


TENS Unit supplier (3)

There Are 3 Style TENS Machines in This Series. With the Simple Design, 27 Programs on TENS  and EMS Programs, the Large LCD Screen, and the Rechargeable  Li-ion battery, This Series TENS Machine is Sold Well in the Market.


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There Are 3 Styles of TENS Machines in This Series, The TENS, EMS, and MASS Functions Satisfied Different Demands. With 7 Treatment Positions, and 36 Programs Can be Chosen, This Series Is Always Favored by Office People!


TENS Unit Supplier

There Are 3 Styles of TENS Units in This Series, High Quality with Classical Design, Burst, Normal, Modulation, Strength Duration 1, Strength Duration 2, and Synchronous, and Alternate Brings with Different Treatment Feelings, and They Are Welcomed in the Market.

TENS Unit supplier

There Are 4 Styles of TENS Machines in This Series, with TENS, EMS, MASS Functions, and the Human Body Treatment Location Map. Reach 60 Programs Adjustable, 10 Treatment Positions, Small design with Rechargeable Function, Easy to Carry!


Tens Unit Supplier Capability

K-Care Medical core team dedicated to the physiotherapy field for more than 10 years, as a professional tens unit supplier, we always pursuing high efficiency, high-quality design with competitive prices for you.

With monthly production is over 20000 units, we can deliver most tens machines order to you within 1 month even in peak season. With the strictly quality monitoring department and management system, we make sure to satisfy all your all requirements for any style tens machine. In order to be your reliable tens unit supplier, K-Care Medical always learning from the market and improving ourselves on technology and management.

We provide tens machines ODM/OEM services according to your demand, with the sensitive market research department and experienced R&D department, we can help your idea to be realized. From appearance design, internal industrial structure design to software design, we can provide the one-stop tens machine solution for you. To be a professional tens unit supplier, We will try our best to save your time and energy!

All tens machines passed CE/FDA certification, we provide at least a 12-month warranty after-sale service for each order, at the same time the extended after-sales service time can be for your choice.

K-Care Medical, always make all effort to be your favorite tens unit supplier in China!

As a Professional TENS Unit Supplier, we have many TENS unit designs and different kinds of programs depending on styles. But Many distributors would like to design their own software with a little change in appearance.

Step One: TENS Unit Planning Stage

Confirm demands and development plans with TENS Unit Supplier, and determine development time and costs.

Step Two: TENS Unit Appearance Design, Software Adjustedment, Hardware Development for Sample

Amend software for the TENS unit according to the plan, and customize the hardware for the TENS unit.

Step Three: Trial Production, and Finalization Stage.

Our QC will test all data for the sample and check the functions of the TENS unit, and Then we will send the sample by express delivery to you. After confirming the sample is good, we will prepare the trial production, if everything goes well, we will prepare entry into the mass production stage.

Step Three: Production Preparation Stage.

As a professional TENS unit supplier, for each product below the standard of CE and FDA control, from raw material purchase, we will have strict QC inspection for the incoming material.

Step Four: Treatment Bed Mass Production Stage.

Produce TENS unit machine according to the mass production process and CE/FDA standards.

Step One: TENS Unit Production Preparation 

Make TENS unit production plans, purchase raw materials, and QC inspect all incoming materials.

Step Two: TENS Unit In-Production Stage

According to the production process produce the TENS unit and complete production in time.

Step Three: TENS Unit Quality Inspection Stage

Quality inspection by sampling or full inspection with professional test equipment.

Step Four: TENS UnitPacking 

we can customize the TENS unit package to your demand.

More TENS Unit Question You May Want to Know

Q: May I Know Your TENS Unit Advantage?

A: As a professional TENS unit supplier, our TENS unit belongs to the Medical class II category product, we passed Medical CE and FDA, and it is OTC medical product that can be sold in hospitals, physiotherapy centers, and Chain pharmacies.

Q: Which Parameters Can You Adjust for The TENS Unit Machine?

A: That depends on different styles, most  TENS units can be adjusted the treatment position, treatment mode, and treatment time, frequency, pulse width. As a TENS Unit supplier, we also consider different treatment demands in the clinic, some styles of TENS units preset more treatment modes with the more refined form of adjustable. Check more details on our catalog now!

Q: Is There a Belt On The Back of The TENS Unit Machine?

A: Yes, there are some styles that have the belt on the back of the TENS machine, it is convenient for the user during walking.

Q: How Long Can Each Pair of Tens Machine Pads Use?

A: We match Japan gel tens pads for standard order, they are more cost-effective than most tens electrodes, normally you can use 30~35 applications of each pad.

Q: Which Kinds of Tens Machine Accessories Can You Provide?

A: As a professional Tens Unit supplier, We provide fitness belts, back belts, and joint belts according to different demands; at the same time, we provide square Self-adhesive pads, rectangle self-adhesive pads, and different kinds of lead wire for you.







TENS Machine Operation Demonstration


More TENS Unit OEM/ODM Question You May Want to Know

Q: As a professional TENS unit supplier, do you provide OEM/ODM service for us?

A: Yes, we would like to make OEM/ODM for you, usually if only change the logo on the machine, amend software as your request and customize the package for you, the MOQ is 500 units, For more details please kindly check with us now!

Q: As TENS Unit Supplier, Which Parameters Can You Customize on the TENS Machine?

A: For example, frequency, treatment time, treatment mode, pulse width, and so on, you can modify the software to your requirements according to our current software program.

Q: Can I Customize the Outer Casing for the TENS Unit?

A: Sure, that is needed to develop the mold for the outer casing, the cost will be higher, so the MOQ needs to be negotiated depending on details. As a TENS unit supplier, we have some public back shell for your choice so that you can save some cost and time.

Warranty Term You Concern About

Q: How long Warranty Can You Supply for The TENS Machine?

A: As the tens unit supplier, we provide 12 months warranty for free for each user, if you need a longer time after-sale service, you can purchase our Paid after-sales service.


Which Payment Term Can You Accept?

Q: Which Payment Term Can You Accept?

A: Usually our TENS unit order payment term is 30% deposit before production, and 70% balance before shipment. For convenience, we accept small orders by Paypal.

Can You Provide Shipment Assitant for Us?

Q: Can You Provide Shipment Assitant for Us?

A: Sure, as your tens unit supplier, we have a specialist person to help you handle the shipment, some countries have some advantages on price and delivery time, please kindly check more details with us by email now!

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