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More Than 10 Styles Treatment Bed for Hospital/Physiotherapy Centers/Aesthetic Centers

Medical Grade PU, Fire, Stain, Mildew, Oil, Water, and Wear-resistant Treatment Bed with CE and ISO.

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Good Quality Treatment Bed to Improve Your Business

  1. Each treatment bed can be adjusted the different angles at different positions according to your demand.
  2. 1-5 sections treatment bed for your choice depending on different application scenes.
  3. The whole series of treatment beds are fire, stain, mildew, oil, water, and wear resistant.
  4. Medical grade treatment bed motor and caster work in silence, welcomed by the physiotherapist.


Application Scenarios

K-Care treatment bed is the necessary rehabilitation furniture in hospitals, physiotherapy centers, aesthetic centers Etc.

There are 1-6 section treatment beds in this series to match your different application demands. K-Care medical is familiar with how to choose suitable treatment beds for different projects, we are not only providing a product for you but also the solution for your project.


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Treatment bed manufacturing

High Quality Treatment Bed to Improve Your Brand Level

K-Care treatment bed is widely used in physiotherapy centers, hospitals, beauty centers, massage salons, fitness centers, and so on.

Our factory supplies more than 5000 units of Products all over the world every month, we insist on providing cost-effective high-end treatment beds so that you never have after-sales issues. K-Care treatment bed adopts medical grade PU, it is fire, stain, mildew, oil, water, and wear-resistant, with 3 years warranty for free, you always never worry about after-sale problems.

We provide the one-stop solution for treatment bed OEM&ODM demand, from design to packing we can follow your request, low MOQ can be accepted if only customize the logo.

Contact us soon if you have any ideas!

Step One: R&D Planning Stage

Confirm Treatment bed custom demand and development plans with customers, and determine development time and development costs.

Step Two: Product Design, Sample, Trial Production, and Finalization Stage.

According to customer needs and our treatment bed development experience, and design drawings, it is generally about 7 working days, after confirming the drawing, we will make the sample and express it to you.

Step Three: Production Preparation Stage.

After confirming the treatment bed sample, we will purchase the mass production raw material and do the incoming inspection.

Step Four: Treatment Bed Mass Production Stage.

Produce treatment beds according to the mass production process and CE/FDA standards.

Step One: Production Preparation Stage

Make treatment bed production plans, purchase raw materials, and QC inspect all incoming materials.

Step Two: In-Production Stage

According to the production process produce the treatment bed and complete production in time.

Step Three: Quality Inspection Stage

Quality inspection by sampling or full inspection with professional test equipment.

Step Four: Treatment Bed Packing 

we can customize the treatment bed package to your demand.

More FAQs You May Interesting

Q: How Many Styles Treatment Bed Do You Have?

A: There are 6 Style Treatment beds Depending on different functions and sections.

Q: What is the Advantage of Your Treatment Bed?

A: From the material, we adopt medical grade PU, Medical Motor, and high-density sponge. So, K-Care medical traction bed is durable and smooth to use.

From the design, the appearance is elegant, many customers like the design. And the adjustable height and treatment angle is suitable for different indications.

Q: How Many Colors Can I Choose for the Treatment Bed?

A: There is navy blue, black, purple, and cream color that can be chosen as your need.

Q: What Is the Treatment Bed Adjustable Height Range?

A: The adjustable range is from 490mm to 920mm.

Q: What is The Adjustable Angle of The Treatment Bed?

A: That depends on different styles, for example, the 3 sections treatment bed adjustable back from 90°to -33°, and the adjustable foot is from 41 °to -24°.

Q: What is The Thickness of Your Treatment Bed?

A: K-Care Treatment bed foam thickness is 5cm.

Q: What is The Density of Your Treatment Bed Sponge?

A: The Foam Density is 110g/㎡.


Operation Demonstration

OEM/ODM Question You May Interesting

Q: Can You OEM/ODM Treatment Bed for Us?

A: Yes, We Welcome OEM/ODM Orders.

Q: If Only Print Our Logo On the Treatment Bed, What is Your MOQ

A: The MOQ Is 10 Units.

After-Sales Question You May Want to Know

Q: How Long Time Warranty Can You Provide for Us?

A: We Can Provide 3 Years Warranty for You.

Treatment Bed Packaging Details

Q: What is Your Packaging?

A: We use heavy-duty export standard carton to pack the treatment bed.

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